Dj Nunu

The year so far for our only female Dj

2019 looks to be the busiest year so far for Nunu. Working as a resident Dj for a local venue on Fridays and with bookings almost every Saturday, Nunu’s diary is filling up fast!

The experience she brought from Denmark as a club Dj is serving her well, with fine tuned vocal and mixing skills, Christmas 2019 already fully booked, Nunu looks to be set for a great 2020!

Playing in nightclubs, bars and at private functions as well as representing two well established agents, Nunu has already built up a large portfolio of clients and demand looks to be continuing, a breath of fresh air and a great addition to the Dj team.

Gary Mayo

Nunu’s small mobile show for parties and functions of up to 50 people.

Nunu’s Choice!

As a Dj Nunu is a Pioneer girl, she is however well versed in using in-house equipment & p.a systems of various makes and models.

Mixer:  Pioneer DJm 800/1000

Cd Players:  Pioneer Cdj 1000mk3 or Cdj 2000 Nexus

Controller:   Pioneer Ddj-400 with external mini mixer for vocals

Microphone: Beyer Dynamic

Headphones: Pioneer hd40

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